• 1842

    Foundation of the Koch lacquer factory. Founder Johann Koch. (Lackfabrik Koch)

  • 1892

    After the death of Johann Koch, the younger son Edgar Koch runs the company.

  • 1905

    Property rights are transferred to Viktor Yuon, nephew of Johann Koch. Branches in Moscow, Warsaw and a sales agency in St. Petersburg are opened. 

  • 1911

    A joint stock company is created. The company changes its name to I.C.Koch. Viktor Yuon remains the largest shareholder. New land is being purchased, a new plant is being built, warehouses are increasing - business expansion is underway.

  • 1935

    A license for nitro-varnish is bought. The technology of the nitro lacquer process is being mastered. Nitrolac is sold to Europe for the treatment of military aircraft liners.

  • 1946 - 1993

    Director of the enterprise Hanon Girsovic. (relative through the founder Johann Koch). Further expansion of production is underway. Production of liquid glass, menthol synthesis, dry paints, fluxes, syntands for leather, light paper, etc. Many developments during these years received awards, prizes and medals. 

    The plant changes its name three times: I.C. Koch, Riga Chemical Plant and Latvbythim.

                                                 (Hanon Girsovic)

  • 1982

    A new direction is opened under the leadership of Gershowitz - the center for the development of fragrances. For aromatization of detergents cosmetic industry.


  • 1993

    The perfume center becomes a separate enterprise and the name Lori has been introduced.

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