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Lori Fragrances is one of the leading scent producers in North Europe, supplying its product to manufacturers all over Europe, Asia and CIS countries. 

The company has over 40 years of experience in helping customers with the aromatization of its products.

Our fragrances are delivered all over the world from our production and development center based in Riga, Latvia. 

Our Strengths

Lori Fragrances is a privately owned company with a dynamic team of creative leaders, managers, and employees. Our highly motivated work ethic lets us deliver high quality, customer friendly, professional service.

Our unique products have been proven to deliver outstanding feedback from our clients and partners.

Our long-term partnership and customized approach help us deliver bespoke solutions to companies of any size.

We are keen on working together with our clients. Great results are always achieved by sharing ideas and overcoming challenges together.

With the help of our R&D department, Lori Fragrances is able to understand the wants and needs of clients leading to greater outcomes thanks to our individualized approach to projects.

Our team

A highly professional team of chemists, perfumers, logistics specialists, production and sales personnel working at Lori Fragrances are constantly improving their knowledge and skills to provide our customers with the best modern products and services possible.

Our approach

An outstanding 40-years of experience and long lasting cooperation with clients and partners are the building blocks to the development of our work and standards.

Our client's goals are our goals. At Lori Fragrances, we care about the effective business development of each customer. Lori Fragrances R&D is based on the individualized approach principles and development of customized solutions for every client. The creation of scents for every client we work with is firmly linked with a thorough examination of its needs and business vision.

Our knowledge and experience of the fragrance industry have been an important factor in the success of our customers, locally and internationally. Our products have modern and one of a kind scents that attract consumers in a unique way.

Business ethics are one of our main rules for a strong partnership and collaboration. We praise ourselves in maintaining technological confidentiality regarding each client individually as well as making sure our client data and business methods stay undisclosed.

Our success

A great number of producers from Europe, CIS, Ukraine, Central Asia, and the Baltic states, from large multinational corporations to small family companies, have chosen Lori Fragrances as a supplier of fragrances for their high-quality products.

We are always open to new challenges and happy to learn about the needs and ideas of our partners and get involved in their implementation.

Certificates and membership in the organizations

Our production site is ISO 9001:2015 certified and have been carefully monitored to the highest standards of quality. Lori Fragrances is also a member of IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils & Aroma Trades).

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